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Thoughts from deer camp 2022

Deer camp this year has been a struggle a number of the group hunted all week following a week of hunting in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately the week did not produce well for any of the attendees including myself. Most did not even see a deer let alone get a shot. One guest from Pennsylvania did successfully harvest a fine buck in fact the largest he has ever taken! Other wise I believe only about 6 other deer were seen between 9 hunters.

Every day has been warm. To warm for our liking unfortunately but I'm thankful I did not have to freeze getting up in the morning. The weather was clear all but 1 day. The wind was really more of an issue then the rain however. High winds make for Uneasy sits in the woods. Also makes for uneasy sits at camp when the camper awning above you is abruptly ripped from its tie downs and thrown helplessly over the camper.

All in all it's been a great week and fun was had by all. I'm sitting here this morning writing this post from my climbing stand next to some old timers stand that is almost fully engulfed by the maple tree that's been growing around it for all these years. I figure if they used to like to hunt this spot maybe it's still a good spot. Hopefully we see something this morning but if not we still have season left and there will always be next year! Good luck to everyone who is hunting I hope you have a successful season!

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